Monday, September 3, 2012

Who is MAI?

MAI: I AM enough

MAI is created by Emma Holcomb and Sarah McArdle - two designers from Minnesota with a passion for dreaming, exploring and creating. This line is inspired by the women we see every day: they love being active as much as they love taking time to enjoy their day. That is why we have created a collection that can go with you from the yoga studio, out to dinner and end your day with you on the couch.
Our mantra is I AM enough. We believe that who you are is exactly who you should be. We recognize the importance in challenging yourself to become the best you possible, but feel that at the end of the day it is loving yourself, as you are, that can bring you the most peace. 
We hope you love our first collection as much as we do. Please join us on our journey.
Breathe deep, find balance in all that you do.
Emma and Sarah

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